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More than Just a Fad

Is Knowledge Management (KM) another fad?

We don’t think so for four reasons:

1.       It is built on the never-obsolete power of learning. As David Garvin of Harvard Business School asks, “How can an organization improve without learning something new?”

2.       While there are plenty of people who treat knowledge management as a religion, real knowledge management is practical and action oriented, not ideological and theoretical. If done right, it produces bottom-line results—always a sure way to guarantee sustainability.

3.       Unlike other process-improvement methods, KM does not rely on technology to make processes more efficient. It relies on recognizing the knowledge resident in people’s minds, using technology to facilitate its sharing, not replace its human origins.

4.       Finally, KM is consistent with emerging models of organizations. Most modern business models involve people in teams coming together on a project basis, then moving on to new relationships. All these models are process oriented, not bound by functions, industries, structures. Knowledge underpins their continuous existence.

From the book “If Only We Knew What We Know” by Carla o’Dell and C. Jackson Grayson, Jr.
Over 3 decades ago, Dr. C. Jackson Grayson started American Productivity and Quality Center (APQC), one of the world’s leading proponents of business benchmarking, best practices, and knowledge management research.

With the same passion for helping organizations improve, Jack is now taking Process Performance Management (PPM), measurement tools, and best practices to the education sector through APQC Education. His vision is not only to transform, but also to empower.

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